About Us

About Us

Who are we? We’re a couple of guys with an eye for design – we hold degrees in graphic design and fine arts and have worked in the interior furnishing market for over a decade. But we also share a lifelong passion for exotic cars, auto racing, and, not surprisingly, high-end automotive design.

Several years ago we broke into the automotive industry, specializing in paint protection, vehicle graphics, and racing livery design. During that time we encountered many luxury and exotic car owners who were seeking unique, high-end, and even awe-inspiring products that celebrated and supported their passion for cars. These were people who invested a lot in their cars and they wanted to maintain and protect them, maybe even show them off. And they wanted to create a garage environment that reflected that enthusiasm.

And so, combining our passions for design and automobiles, we created Garage Pitstop.com - a curated collection of the finest automotive wants and needs for the discriminating enthusiast.

This carefully hand-picked product line features unique, rare, or best-in-class items that celebrate the beauty, history, and value of exceptional automobiles. Whether you simply want to pamper your car or create a peerless garage environment, our goal is to be your source for these exclusive and otherwise hard to find items.

Time to pit in…

P.S. Every online store that you visit will boast about their peerless customer service. It can be reassuring to read that a store's 'well-trained staff will efficiently expedite your order', or that they're 'committed to building long-term customer relationships', and so on. We feel that these things should go without saying. If our customer service isn't top notch, then we don't deserve your business. That being said, please keep in mind that during our normal business hours we are usually out meeting with our network of vendors and experts to source and research new products. If you get our voicemail, please leave a message. We promise to return your call as soon as possible. In most cases this is within an hour, and in a worst case, within 24 hours.